Entrepreneurs’ Open Mic: Fail Jam

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I fail, you fail, we all fail. In order to do something big, you must take risks, in order to take risks, you must be accepting of failure. This event celebrated failure, the courage it takes to risk everything, the determination is takes to keep going after failing, and the lessons learned from those failures. The ABADATEBEZA community held a “Fail jam” for the entrepreneurial community. The microphone was open for anyone who wished to get up and speak about a time of failure.  Around 10 entrepreneurs from a wide variety were courageous enough to stand up in front of nearly 40 attendees and talk about a time of failure. It was a truly inspiring and moving experience for us all!

About Katherine

Katherine has been living in Rwanda since January of 2012, and has spent her time writing, teaching, managing, running, and generally enjoying sunshine and green hills. As Director of Creative Operations at The Office, Katherine focuses on public relations and community building. Most of her time is dedicated to ensuring that all Office members are happy, healthy, and positively contributing to our young and growing community.

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