What Our Members Say

…this place will be one of the knowledge hubs in Rwanda and the East Africa.

– Charles Ashimwe, General Construction Manager and Entrepreneur

The Office provides instant access to unique freelancers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

– Juliet Hutchings, Storyteller and Photographer

The Office is an awesome work environment. You can’t get tired of sitting in it.

– Diane Ukwishaka, CFO and Product Manager at HeHe Ltd

The Office offers someone like me the chance to work around others and benefit from the energy and camaraderie an office environment gives. It’s ideal for a one-person operation!

– Jessica Massie, Consultant in Education and Microfinance

I love how inspiring, diverse and refreshing The Office is.

– Amiri Mugarura, Chief Technology Officer of HeHe Ltd

…a good way to get out of my home office and avoid working solely in coffee shops.

– Laura Elizabeth Pohl, Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller

A place brimming with ideas, creativity and the potential of people, Kigali and Rwanda. Really!

– Fleur Hutchings, Consultant, Writer, Researcher

Collaboration and ideas happen when you least expect them.

– Amber Lucero-Dwyer, Global Engagement Manager at the Museum of Photographic Arts